Common Alcoholic Addictions

It’s common in AA meetings for an alcoholic to confess that they have many addictions. It’s also common among recovering addicts to substitute one for another. The truth of the matter is that people who have an addictive personality can engage in obsessive behaviors toward many different things.

alcoholic personalitiesThe way an addicts mind works is that if something gives them pleasure they cannot stop obsessing over getting more of what made them feel good. Brain research has determined that alcoholics have a thinking disorder that is interconnected with genetics. Just about anything that will help them relieve the pressures of life can become an overwhelming obsession in their brains.

In an article called Silencing the Alcoholic Mind, Dr. Michale Pearlman says this; “Alcohol is a way to escape from the reality of the moment – that time when you are being overloaded with thoughts and stressors, invading your mind and causing you to think about those things that you believe may be significant, but are in fact heightened in their true importance.”

When a problem drinker quits, they still have the need to find a means of escape from the pressures in life.

I’ve heard men ramble on and on about women and how they are addicted to them. Now this is something that can be common among most men, but if an alcoholic is in recovery this can often become an overwhelming obsession.
alcoholic addictions
Smoking cigarettes is a common habit that many alcoholics have. Before and after most AA meetings, there will be a cloud of smoke outside as people inhale enough to last for the next hour. If you visit a busy bar for a half hour, you will leave with the smell of smoke all over your clothes.

Most defiantly an active  problem drinker or sober one might very well be addicted to sex and pornography.

What about the alcoholic who is still drinking, what additional addictions do they struggle with? This is sad to say, but many of the people I have known who drink regularly like to have some sort of speed substance as well. This can be in the form of pain pills, cocaine or even caffeine. It is a way for them to feel better because it counteracts the depressive nature of the alcohol. If they have had too much to drink, they can throw in some Adderall or a Percocet to help bring them up from their drunken state.

I met a recovering alcoholic the other day. She told me he was addicted to energy drinks. She confessed that she drinks at least four per day. Sometimes she is so jacked up on them that she has to take some sort of sedative to help her sleep at night.

Many years ago while getting sober, I was accused of being fanatical over my relationship with God. My now ex-wife implied that I had switched addictions. I had no problem with her observations or opinions about me though. This new found friendship was much better than being best friends with a bottle of alcohol.

I have a friend of mine who spends an unbelievable amount of his time on the Internet. He openly confesses that he is addicted to his computer and the Internet world. This was an exchange for him because he used to spend his days getting plastered drunk. His alcoholic personality has caused him to gravitate toward a different kind of addiction.

Alcoholic addictions can be sports, hanging out in a local bar, staying up all night and sleeping all day. There are literally thousands of things that people can find to become consumed with. Co-dependence issues are common among people who suffer from drinking problems. Whatever makes them feel good for the moment has the potential to form into an overly excessive habit.

To understand alcoholic behavior and what they are  plagued with, you have to think of the very best thing that you have ever experienced that caused you to want more “instant” gratification. Alcoholic addictions work the same way, except everything that makes them feel good, they want more of it. This is why many substance abusers will spend everything they have to get more pleasure.

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