Accurate Alcoholism Facts/Information

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Is alcoholism a disease or not?
What do most chronic users die from?
Is depression common among problem drinkers?
There are many facts related to alcohol-dependence. In this article, we will take a brief look at these few I just mentioned.

Causes of Death
There are three things that are the most commonly held reasons for the deaths of problem drinkers, cardiovascular complications, suicide and cirrhosis of the liver.

Suicide Research has discovered that over fifty percent (50%) of all self -inflicted deaths were connected with some form of drug or alcohol addiction. There is plenty of information that supports the fact that alcohol use, depression and suicide are very closely-related.

Heart Problems
Medical research indicates that people who are heavy drinkers are at risk of having high blood pressure, an enlarged heart or a stroke. The American Heart Association recommends that if people do not already drink alcohol, don’t start drinking.

Cirrhosis of the liver
Alcoholic Cirrhosis generally occurs after many years of heavy drinking, but for some it could happen sooner. Even consuming alcohol moderately can develop liver problems over time.

Alcoholism as a Disease
In 1991, the American Medical Association (AMA) listed alcoholism as a disease in both psychiatric and the medical sections. Not everyone is in agreement that it is a disease though.

Transformations Drug and Alcoholic Treatment Center says this about the subject:

“Alcoholism and drug addiction are diseases. Alcoholism in particular tends to run in families, but many studies have also shown that addictive behavior in general seems to have a hereditary component. In fact, there has been some research which suggests the possibility of an “addictive gene”, although thus far no particular gene has been found to fully substantiate this. One popular theory is that it is a combination of genes which makes a person predisposed to becoming addicted to alcohol, drugs or other substances.

Those who support the disease model point to the fact that alcoholism and drug addiction are similar to other medical conditions in that the environment as well as the person’s behavior play a role in their onset and course, and they respond to certain types of treatment. Also, they argue, and justifiably so in most cases, that the person does not have control over their alcoholism or addiction.”

Depression and Alcoholism Facts
While people consume alcohol thinking it will “lift their spirits,” it is actually a depressant. It causes the brain and nervous system to slow down. It also has been shown to cause a decrease in serotonin and norepinephrine. These are brain chemicals which contribute to making us feel a sense of well-being within. As a result, alcohol use can cause depression or make existing depression even worse.

Some Alcohol Poisoning  Symptoms

  • Throwing up
  • Below normal body temperature
  • Extremely slow breathing pattern
  • Totally non-responsive as if they are sleeping

Up to forty percent (40%) of people who heavily consume alcoholic beverages regularly have symptoms that resemble a depressive illness. Somewhere in the neighborhood of five to ten percent of all people diagnosed with depression have alcohol-related addiction issues as well. With some people the two seem to fit hand-in-hand.

Information shows that men generally get depressed because of drinking alcohol, but the majority of women are already depressed prior to consuming it.

There are thousands of facts related to endless topics that speak to the subject of the millions of people suffering from alcoholism. Not all facts related to consuming alcohol are negative, but most of the ones associated with “alcoholism” are. Although some good can be present in an alcoholic’s life, most of what is left in their wake is a path of destruction. Depression, suicide, medical problems and broken relationships seem to be high among this particular addiction category.

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