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Teens Affected By Alcoholic Family Members Should Know These Things

The author of the video below has been affected by alcoholic family members for all of her life. She shares things that teens should know when dealing with an alcoholic loved one. Transcription Starts Here: “Hi guys. I’m Jody Lamb and I am the author of  ‘Easter Ann Peters’ Operation Cool. It’s a middle-grade novel […]

Expressing Anger Effectively To An Alcoholic

Today’s topic is expressing your anger effectively. When interacting with alcoholics, this can be a challenge. Everybody has a reason to get angry once in a while. But if you lose your temper or you’re really mean or negative, it’s not very effective for long term relationships. When you lose your temper and attack another […]

Adult Children Emotionally Damaged By An Alcoholic

This video below tells the story of an emotionally damaged adult child of an alcoholic. It is filled with yesterday’s tragedies, hope for tomorrow and strength for today. She gives great tips that can help you identify with the things from your past that can greatly help you live a happier life today. Check out this Youtube video […]

Boyfriend Drinks Alcohol: How to cope with his addiction

I have been noticing that my boyfriend is drinking alcohol often. What can I do about his excessive drinking? Try the following tips for coping with his addiction to alcohol. Realize that you cannot control your boyfriend. If he chooses to get drunk, you have two choices, either stay with him and accept his drinking […]

How Alcoholism Affects Your Family

Transcribed from video below: Many addicts know that their alcoholic behavior has detrimentally affected their family but many of them or us – by the way, I have experience in this on both ends, on both being an alcoholic and being the person with low emotional intelligence and also being the victim or the person […]

Devastated By An Alcoholic-Family Falling Apart

When I attended my first support group meeting, I was totally devastated. The out of control alcoholic in the immediate family was causing our happy home to denigrate. The children covered their real emotions well with smiles on the outside, but I knew on the inside the relationship with their mother was falling apart. She […]

Help Overcoming Fear of an Alcoholic Relapse

As I was growing up, I saw my mother (the alcoholic) relapse on many occasions. This for sure created a fear in me during the times when she was sober that she was going to relapse again. Thank God she finally got into AA and remained completely clean for over twenty years before she died. […]

Protect Yourself From an Alcoholism Disorder in The Family

There are a few distinct ways that an alcoholism disorder can have devastating effects on the family. I’ve heard it said that living with an alcoholic can be compared to a mobile that hangs over a babies crib. If you just touch it everything hanging on the mobile is effected. The same is true when […]

Common Alcoholic Addictions

It’s common in AA meetings for an alcoholic to confess that they have many addictions. It’s also common among recovering addicts to substitute one for another. The truth of the matter is that people who have an addictive personality can engage in obsessive behaviors toward many different things. The way an addicts mind works is […]