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My name is JC and I've been interacting with problem drinkers for over forty-four years. My mother was an alcoholic. I struggled with the disease and have been sober for fifteen years. I was married to an abusive drug addict and I've attened thousands of Alsoholism support group meetings.

In that time, I've gained a huge amount of knowledge about handling dysfunctional relationships. Having been impacted in so many negative ways due to interacting with addicts, it is my goal to help others learn how to overcome the effects of alcoholism on their lives. So I'd like to share my knowledge with you free-of-charge.

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  • Why you are so obsessed with the alcoholic and how to change your behavior
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  • Tips for how to greatly reduce the constant anxiety you are feeling
  • New ways of communicating with the alcoholic that really work
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to identify the emotional buttons the alcoholic is pushing all of the time
  • Why keeping a journal is vitally important
  • How to handle an outburst of rage and anger by the problem drinker
  • A list of ways you can start feeling happier about your life NOW!
  • Much, much more!

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Your Advice is Excellent

"I want you to know that your website is the smartest, best website around. Your observations and advice are excellent and deeply,deeply appreciated by those of us out here in need. Thank you so much."

- Kelly

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These Three Things Hit Home

"This particular lesson made a lot of sense to me. I didn’t cause the problem, I coudn’t control the problem, and I couldn’t cure the problem. My soon to be ex husband is literally a homeless truck driver and will live in his truck. It’s funny though he drove truck for 8 months and quit. Someone told me because he needed to drink. Well now, in my eyes, since he has hit rock bottom maybe it will cure his sickness. I hope and pray for his sake."

- Robin

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Keep These Lessons Coming

"Thanks, these are very helpful. I appreciate them. I think, over time, I have come to do most of the behavior that are suggested in the emails.. keeping a journal as well as in your other pieces. I am just a good friend of the alcoholic, there is no relatinship. I have essentially chosen to stay involved because he has no one else and basically go about my own life and so, when he talks his alcohol laden nastiness, I just turn it off and don't even respond, do what I have to do so that he is safe, "diabetic speaking" and leave. But keep these lessons coming, they are very supportive! and I can learn some techniques which are really nice. The journal entries you shared are very helpful and I will do this as well."

- Gale

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